Australian Parrot Wood Pins
Australian Parrot Wood Pins

Australian Parrot Wood Pins

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Cheerful little parrot pals for your collar, bag, hat or pin board! 

Choose from the six designs available:
- Blue Budgerigar
- Green Budgerigar
- Cinnamon Cockatiel
- Lutino Cockatiel
- Whiteface Cockatiel
- Crimson Rosella

Or purchase the whole set of five together and get a small discount!

These Aussie parrot pins are printed in full colour on sustainably sourced wood! They have two pin posts on the back to keep them from wandering away from wherever you pin them and feature a little gloss finish on their eyes for that extra spark of life when the light catches them.

Bright, light-weight and eco-friendly - wood pins are a fantastic alternative to metal and enamel pins!

Each pin measures 30x30 mm (a bit over an inch) with the exception of the Rosella who is a bit bigger at 35x35mm (because Rosellas are a bit bigger than the others!).