Where do you ship from?
I ship from Australia. The shop currency is in Australian dollars as well.

I would rather shop in USD
You can use the currency converter on this site to see prices displayed in USD instead of AUD. However, you will still have to check out and ultimately pay in AUD. If you use a payment gateway like Paypal, it will do the currency conversion for you at Paypal's going rate. Your bank or card provider likely also offers this service, for a fee.
To shop in USD, head to my Etsy store. Items will still ship from Australia but you'll be able to check out in USD.

What are pin grades?
Pins are mass manufactured items and as such sometimes come out with flaws! I grade and price my pins accordingly. For more detailed info, read the Pin Grading page.

How long will it take to get my stuff?
Check out the Shipping info page for detailed info about delivery times.

    I used the wrong address. Can I change it?
    Please contact me ASAP with your order info and corrected address and I will try to help. However, if your order has already shipped, then I can't do anything to change it.

    I need something by a certain date.
    Sorry, but I can't guarantee arrival times. However, if you're REALLY determined and willing to pay a lot of money for express courier shipping, email me and I'll see what can be done.

    As a very small business, I am not able to blanket accept returns at this time. The cost to ship things back to me is often as much as or more than the order so it doesn't really make sense. If there is a PROBLEM with your order - wrong items or not as described, please contact me.

    Customs fees and procedures vary by destination country and you should be familiar with the procedures that apply to you! I will not take responsibility for paying VAT/customs fees so please be sure before making a purchase.

    Can you gift wrap my order?
    Gift wrap is available during checkout at an extra cost. Make sure to tick the "gift wrap" option to activate it.

    A coupon doesn't work / product page is broken/ etc
    Oops! Contact me about it and I'll see what's gone wrong.



    If you're interested in wholesaling Mamath products for your own shop, contact me via email. Be aware that there are minimum orders involved to qualify for wholesale.