Samebeko (Shark x Akebeko) Gacha Figure

Samebeko (Shark x Akebeko) Gacha Figure

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These figures come in gacha balls! The gacha are sent out at random, so you may get any of the following variants:

- Blue Samebeko
- Red Samebeko
- Yellow Samebeko
- Green Samebeko
- Purple Samebeko

These lil critters are loosely based on the idea of a shark version of an Akebeko cow folk toy. They're very silly! I...actually have no idea who designed these. I just wanted some for myself. I'm sorry!! I was weak!!!!! This figure requires no assembly, measuring about 50mm long right outta the capsule.

I am unable to fulfill special requests for a particular figure!
If you buy multiples I will try to not send duplicates but no promises!

These items are NOT made by Mamath in any way shape or form!