The Fox's Wedding Blind Box Figure (red gate)

The Fox's Wedding Blind Box Figure (red gate)

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These figures come in gacha balls! The contents of the ball is a mystery, so you may get any one of the 4 possible designs:

- Groom (regular)
- Bride (regular)
- Groom (glow in the dark)
- Bride (glow in the dark)

Each figure also comes with half of a red shrine gate figure. Put two figures together for a complete gate. :) The gate pieces are fully interchangeable so two grooms' or two brides' gate pieces fit together the same! You do not have to get a bride and groom to make the gate.

Sculpted by artist @denno_daiku and produced by SO-TA. 

I am unable to fulfill special requests for a particular figure!
These come 4 to a carton - if you buy 4 blind boxes I will send an unopened carton IF AVAILABLE but no guarantees.

These items are NOT made by Mamath in any way shape or form!