Tattoo Usage Fee

Tattoo Usage Fee

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I field a lot of questions re: getting tatts of my work! Here I am formalising the process.

This listing is for a ONE-TIME usage fee for a piece of my art work, for your personal tattoo. You will not receive a physical item or digital file with your order, but this is how to go about getting my blessing.

For fan art, you don't have to check with me. 
This fee is not compulsory for using my fan art for tattoos, as I take the view that it's fan art and I want to share it with my fellow fans - including for tattoos. I do appreciate when people pay the usage fee to use my work though, that's very kind and respectful.

For my original work: Contact me first to check image availability.
I can be contacted through email or my contact form. Some work is not available due to being a commission for someone else or perhaps too personal for me to allow it to be tattooed on someone else yet. When you email me I will reply asap to confirm the availability of the piece you are interested in. Once you have my permission, I will direct you to pay a usage fee by purchasing this listing.


- personal use permission only (not intended for commercial offerings)
- the tattooing artist is welcome to make minor changes to the image to better fit the tattoo format
- usage is not exclusive (someone else may ask after the same piece and I won't stop them!)
- please don't ask after art clearly labelled as a commission (unless you are the commissioner). There's way I will approve the use of someone else's commission.
- single use only. multiple tattoos require multiple purchases of this listing

I am not a tattoo artist! I can not tattoo you myself and you will probably need your actual tattooist to make some changes to my art to make it suitable for tattooing. This listing is for image usage only.

I do not take custom tattoo commissions.