Star Child Collection 1 Gacha Figure

Star Child Collection 1 Gacha Figure

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These figures come in gacha balls! The gacha are sent out at random, so you may get any of the following variants:

- blue star (star)
- black star (moon)
- white star (sun)
- orange star (sunrise)
- yellow star (sunset)
- "secret" (it's glow in the dark)

Somewhere in another world, the "Children of the Stars" appeared to investigate the human world... Designed by artist Isasa (@isanatolu) and produced by SO-TA. These figures require very minor assembly and are around 70mm tall assembled.

I am unable to fulfill special requests for a particular figure!
If you buy multiple I will try not to send duplicates, but no guarantees.

These items are NOT made by Mamath in any way shape or form!